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February 2, 2017


CHICAGO — Chicago police, fire and emergency management personnel will be receiving new state-of-the-art crisis response training through a partnership with area hospitals.

The Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Simulator Lab is located at the Chicago Fire Academy, 1338 South Clinton, where all EMS training takes place.

Weeks from now police, firefighters and paramedics will start coming there to receive training on how to better respond to mental health emergencies.

Emergency responders will take an Read More

    Edith Brady-Lunny | Jan 18, 2017

    BLOOMINGTON — Illinois first lady Diana Rauner visited with staff and a client at Chestnut Health Systems’ crisis stabilization unit Tuesday during her tour of the facility for people struggling with drug and alcohol additions and/or mental illness.

    The 14-bed stabilization unit, approaching it’s second year of operation in April, offers short-term residential care, including medically monitored detox services. Since August, about 50 people have been turned away for services because the need, especially in the Read More

    By Laura Greenstein | Jan. 30, 2017

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone that tempted you to open up about something incredibly personal, but you hesitated due to the fear of that person’s reaction? Were you worried that telling them would alter their perception of you? Many people experience this feeling as they attempt to determine whether or not to be forthright about their symptoms and their struggle.

    If you are considering opening up about your mental health condition, here Read More

    January 31 Kelly Burch

    Many of Christine Walker’s friends are just starting to help their teenage children plan to leave home, whether for a job, college or a gap year. But Walker’s 16-year-old son Schuyler has already lived away from his family for seven years, spending nearly half his life in residential treatment programs and schools for children with severe mental illness.

    “When Schuyler was 7, that was when I had tried absolutely everything — every pill, every doctor, every diet, every therapy, Read More

    Friday, January 27, 2017

    National Alliance on Mental Illness, Illinois Executive Director Mary Colleran

    In light of the incident earlier this week where a Springfield police officer shot

    a man who suffered with mental illness, Joey talks with Mary Colleran, the

    Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Illinois (NAMI).

    Read More

    WSIL — Programs that serve at-risk youth are shutting down due to Illinois’ budget crisis. Now, other agencies struggle to fill in the gaps.

    “Our worry is January 1st is coming and what’s going to happen after that we don’t know,” says Sherrie Crabb, Executive Director of Family Counseling Center.

    She feels like she’s walking a tight-rope while trying balance funding for all of her services.

    Meanwhile, the state wavers going from no state budget to a six-month stopgap resolution and court decrees.

    She Read More

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