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March 31, 2017

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 29, 2017

Together, we are a movement. Our movement explains what it really means to experience mental illness. Our movement shows people experiencing mental illness that they are not alone and there is hope. While it’s a slow process, our movement is becoming louder and more persistent every time a celebrity speaks out, an article is published or an individual shares their personal story. Our movement is growing, strengthening and becoming more Read More

    By Ryann Tanap | Mar. 20, 2017 

    When you hear the phrase “psychotic break,” what comes to mind? Probably nothing good. In everyday conversation, the phrase carries a negative meaning for many because it’s perceived as a harsh and abrupt disconnect or “break” from reality—though it is more accurately described as an episode of psychosis.

    Carlos Larrauri, for example, describes his experience with psychosis as more of a gradual decline, as opposed to a “break” occurring during a Read More

    March 23, 2017

    Vi Orr of Glenview was honored at the annual conference of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Illinois (NAMI-IL) held at Techny Towers, Northbrook. Orr, a longtime advocate for the mentally ill and their families, was the founding president of the state NAMI organization.

    During her term as president, Orr created committees for bylaws, public relations, fundraising, brochure design, dues structure, as well as a committee of professional advisers, and filed incorporation papers.

    Regional meetings were held around the state Read More

    March 13, 2017 | By Rachel Whitt

    Vince Calhoun’s warm smile deeply contrasts with the cold plastic machine at the center of his distinguished career. During the last quarter century, his research has focused on creating algorithms used in the fMRI scanner to map electrical currents via blood moving through the human brain.

    “We need to maximize our ability to see what’s impacted in the brain so we can understand how mental ilnesses work” – Vince Calhoun, executive director, Mind Research Network

    Much like Read More

    The powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee released the American Health Care Act on March 6th, a bill that would change health care coverage-from health insurance plans to Medicaid-and put mental health care at risk. The Committee is holding a “markup” to move the bill on Wednesday, March 8th, beginning at 10:30 AM ET. Watch here.


    Read More

    By Chris Aiken, M.D. | Feb. 06, 2017

    “You seem like you’re walking on eggshells,” our family therapist told me with a wise nod. The image of cracked eggs under my bare feet was strangely comforting compared to what our family was really going through. We were living with mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder.

    Psychiatrists don’t know enough about how to help families in this situation. I should know—I’m a psychiatrist myself. When mental illness hit my home, Read More

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