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March 14, 2019
Illinois lawmaking panel approves requiring mental health classes in public schools

SPRINGFIELD (Illinois News Network) — An Illinois House panel has approved a plan that would require classes on mental health.

State Rep. Karina Villa, D-West Chicago, is pushing the idea. She’s a former school social worker. She said it’s important for middle school and high school students to have a basic understanding of mental health and mental health challenges.

“A student once said ‘Ms. Villa, I finally know what’s wrong with me. I have depression,’ And he just was in tears. Read More

    Measure Aims To Help Justice-Involved Children Access Mental Health Services

    pixabay/Anemone123 (CC0)

    An Illinois Senate bill aims to help children who are at risk of entering state custody because of issues caused by untreated mental illness. The measure comes as states grapple with ways to help parents who face a heart-breaking choice: giving up custody to obtain expensive treatment for a child.

    Attorney Charles Golbert, Cook County Acting Public Guardian, says children and youth with serious mental illness may act violently and land in juvenile court.

    In these cases, the judge may determine Read More

    Advancing Discovery For New, Better Treatments

    NAMI is proud to share our new white paper: “Working Together to Advance Discovery and Reignite Hope: Advocacy, Academia, Industry and Government Push for New Mental Health Treatment Options.” This paper describes the important work NAMI and our partners have done to push forward in the difficult and complex field of brain science and developing treatment for mental illness.

    NAMI has advocated for better treatments, better legal protections and better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness for Read More

    Maintaining Healthy Friendships With Mental Illness

    Quality friendships have the potential to give us feelings of compassion, belonging and happiness. They can help improve our sense of self-worth and help us cope. When you have a mental illness, you may think that your friendships are bound to be more complicated. You may even deem healthy relationships impossible. But it’s very important to dispel the internalized stereotype that your relationships will suffer because of your mental illness.

    Friendships can flourish despite a diagnosis. There are many reasons why friendships fade, Read More

    How The Digital Age Has Impacted Mental Health Care
    By Laura Greenstein | Feb. 04, 2019

    Almost the entirety of my experience in seeking mental health care (apart from the actual therapy) has been online.

    I looked for a therapist using different “find a therapist” search engines, clicking filters that would account for my insurance and location. I’ve read blogs and personal accounts of others’ experiences with therapy to determine if I found the right therapist. I’ve sought validation and support from friends and family by posting about my anxiety Read More


    In a video to NAMI members, CEO Mary Giliberti discusses the many successes over the past year, including the increase in NAMI brand awareness, significant legislative accomplishments, calls for research and new support programs and services.

    Giliberti attributes the increase in brand awareness to the growing number of celebrity ambassadors who have supported the cause and shared their experiences as well as high-profile partnerships including companies like Kenneth Cole, Lord & Taylor, Boeing, Michelin, Showtime and IHeart Radio.

    Giliberti also outlines the Read More

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