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Meet the STABLE-ity team

Neither of the two therapists for the STABLE-ity program envisioned their love of horses to play into their careers and yet, that’s exactly what happened. Hear from Kristin Puryear, LCSW, … Read more

Equity Drives 2021 Legislative Priorities

As millions struggle and tax revenues drop, what happens in Springfield and Washington D.C. has never mattered more. NAMI Illinois works with affiliates, policymakers, and other allies to ensure mental … Read more

The Warm, Cuddly Way to Ease Mental Health Symptoms

In a time when it’s difficult to feel calm and centered, what can we do to manage our anxieties? The answer may be as simple as curling up with a … Read more

Equine-Facilitated Therapy and Mental Illness

We’re all familiar with therapy dogs and cats and might have heard of birds playing that role, too, but therapy horses? While they don’t come and sit on your lap, … Read more

Meet Kristin Puryear, LCSW, CTRI, Equine-Facilitated Therapist at Equestrian Connection

Tell us about your background with horses. My grandfather bred Ponies of the America’s (POAs), so I began riding and caring for horses at an early age which developed into … Read more

Meet Kristen Faisant, MEd, LPC

Tell us about your history with horses. I started horseback riding as a hobby when I was six years old and I immediately became very serious about it. I began … Read more

COVID-19 pandemic strains mental health infrastructure, leaving patients vulnerable

December 7, 2020 By Leah Hope ABC7 The COVID-19 pandemic has not just worsened existing mental health issues in individuals, like depression or anxiety, but has also strained the … Read more

Illinois dedicates $2M to Governor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide for veterans

Nov 10, 2020 KWQC Officials with the state of Illinois announced on Monday that the state will be joining a multi-state effort in lowering suicide rates among veterans. This … Read more

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A Word to the Wise: Caregiver Take Care

Nov 18, 2020 By Linda Snow-Griffin, Ph.D. NAMI What airline passenger truly loves flying in turbulent conditions? My husband, who is a private pilot, likes to remind me that … Read more