Dining for NAMI Illinois

dining for NAMI IllinoisWhat is Dining for NAMI Illinois?


Here’s how it works:


Any time between March 21 and June 20, 2017:

  • Plan a unique fundraising get-together in your home (or other preferred location).
  • Invite friends and family to have fun while they support you/NAMI Illinois.
  • Register your event with NAMI Illinois.
  • Take time to tell your guests why you support NAMI–Raising Awareness is as important as raising money!

The goal is for each individual event to raise at least $300.

100% of the money raised will go to support NAMI Illinois’ mission to improve the lives of all those affected by metal illness through support, education and advocacy.

It’s easy to do!

Just choose what type of event you’d like to host, decide the amount of each donation per person, and start planning your event!

It can be formal or casual, inside or outside, themed or traditional…whatever you like best!

After your get-together, round up the donations you’ve received and send them to the NAMI Illinois office. Be sure to include a list of names, addresses, and the donation amount from each person; your donors will receive a thank you and tax-deductible receipt for their gift.

Or Send Your Supporters Here to Give Online!  

Don’t know where to start?

Check out these great ideas for fundraising:

  • Picnic at the Park- Invite friends to an old fashioned picnic with games
  • MLB/NBA/NHL game night with wings and beer
  • Pizza or Ice Cream Sundae Party
  • Backyard BBQ- with chicken, ribs, burgers, roasted veggies or whatever strikes your fancy!
  • Chili Cook-off- Make a few different types of chili to sample with beer and wine
  • Movie Night- with appetizers, popcorn, and candy
  • Wine and Cheese or Beer Tasting
  • A Pot Luck with a Theme- Mexican Fiesta, Your Mom’s Favorite Dish, or Fresh From the Farmer’s Market
  • Cocktail Party- Have your guests dress up and enjoy Old Fashioneds the old fashioned way!
  • Garden Party with fresh lemonade and finger foods
  • Girls Night Out
  • Sweet Treats and Coffee


Register your Dining for NAMI Illinois Event

Dining for NAMI Illinois

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