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Pathways to Employment – Putting Illinois to Work

The Illinois Department of Human Services [IL DHS], Division of Mental Health [DMH] with assistance from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s [UIC] Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy [CMHSRP] has created an Illinois Individual Placement and Support/Supported Employment [IPS/SE] Web Portal as a one-stop source on IPS/Supported Employment for Illinois citizens with psychiatric disabilities, their employers, their family members, service providers, and other Illinois citizens who would like to learn more about IPS.  The Illinois IPS Web Portal offers information about IPS, employment tools, IPS news, success stories, and much more on ALL aspects of IPS.  Our Web Portal, titled “Pathways to Employment – Putting Illinois to Work” is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] and is one direct result of our Illinois SAMHSA Transformational Mental Health Grant for Employment.

What Family Members are Saying

“I feel that employment is critical to help my son cope better in society. Next to a cure for his illness, work has as much impact as anything.”

“My son has been working for about four years. I see improvement in mixing with people and I see some independence. Best of all, he is earning money to spend as he pleases.”

“Since starting a job, my family member has blossomed! Of course, the money is nice, but even nicer are the compliments she gets from her boss and the friendships she has developed. Those are priceless.”

“My family member’s whole deportment changes when he is working; he is more positive, easier to talk with, and more confident. He just glows!”

“When our son works it improves his life purpose, self image, and gives him a positive demeanor.”

“SE has been a fabulous program for my family member. Without these supports i could see him losing this job more than once. Having someone advocate for him has been very helpful.”

“I’m happy to promote work programs because my daughter has gained so much from hers. Thank you for promoting work for people with mental illness.”

Family to Family Class 11
This lesson for class 11 was developed by NAMI Illinois and has been incorporated as an example of a family advocacy initiative.

IPS Supported Employment Principles

IPS Brochure

Here is the link to the Illinois IPS web portal:


The Division of Mental Health would like to thank the University of Illinois at Chicago’s [UIC] Center on Mental Health Services Research and Policy [CMHSRP] and the IPS Training Subcommittee of the Supported Employment Coordinating Committee [SECC] for all the time and effort in completing the IPS Web Portal.