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How does NAMI Illinois Help?

NAMI Illinois meets the needs of individuals and their family members living with mental illness through a host of Signature Programs. Whether you participate in a program in Rockford, Chicago, or Anchorage, Alaska, these programs use the same content and are delivered in the same way so we know that everyone is receiving the same high-quality information and support regardless of their location.

NAMI in Illinois offers the following Education Signature Programs:

  • NAMI Basics for parents of children up to 16 years old with a mental illness
  • NAMI Family-to-Family for family members of individuals over 16 living with mental illness
  • NAMI Homefront for family members of those in the military with mental illness

We also offer the following Support Programs:

  • NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group for those living with mental illness
  • NAMI Family Support Group for the family members of those living with mental illness

NAMI in Illinois also trains people to do presentations in a variety of settings:

  • NAMI Ending the Silence offers presentations in schools for students, staff, and families
  • NAMI In Our Own Voice presentations are led by individuals in recovery and are available for community groups, police departments, churches, and other organizations
  • NAMI Family & Friends presentations are led by family members and presented in many of the same venues as In Our Own Voice

In upcoming months, we’ll delve a little more deeply into some of these programs. To find out what your local NAMI affiliate offers, please reach out to them using the contact information provided in the Resource Box.

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