Mental Illness Awareness (MIA) Tour 2016

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We will be embarking on a cross country road trip in the famous and brilliant Chicken Car with the main purpose of raising awareness for mental illness. The culture of the Chicken Car revolves around people stopping to take pictures, ask about the car, and ask about what type of events it is involved in. They always ask. And we are counting on this culture; on all of you, our followers (old and new), to share our project with the world. To stop us on the road and take pictures with us. To create a conversation around this event that will only help us in our mission to raise awareness.The cross country road trip will be an exposition of the Chicken Car as a symbol of Mental Illness Awareness, or MIA.  MIA Tour


We will be engaging in the following activities to further help raise awareness. 

Awareness Events

We will be holding separate events in some of the cities we stop in (locations pending). At these locations we will be speaking chicken carabout our personal experiences with mental illness, passing out educational resources of our own, and allowing people to get a chance to purchase MIA Tour merchandise. The revenues earned from such merchandise will go directly to mental illness non-profits in the United States, the most prominent of which will be NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). 

Video Blogs

The Chicken Car team will be producing daily vlogs (video blogs) to document the amazing people and intense emotions felt throughout this life-changing trip. These will be posted daily and shared with our followers. 

Mini Web-Series

Last but not least, we will be producing a Mini Web-series that will air on YouTube after the road-trip ends. We will be getting into contact with people in various states that we visit to produce videos in which they share their stories and experiences with mental illness. This collaboration will be to tell their story the way they want to tell it. Each video will be devoted to their own story in hopes that this will encourage the end of silence around the topic and promotion of open discussion surrounding mental illness. 


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