Cognitive Enhancement Therapy: Beyond Treatment as Usual

Why have more individuals with chronic mental health disabilities not recovered more completely? We need to rethink the problem and solution; move the treatment paradigm from Treatment as Usual, i.e., maintenance style of non-treatment to Cognitive Remediation, a rehabilitative, active treatment model focusing on remediating the person’s disabilities while increasing their strengths? Since 2001, CET (Cognitive Enhancement Therapy), a SAMHSA recognized EBP form of Cognitive Remediation, has been disseminated to over 50 sites in 15 states. This presentation is directed to administrators, mental health professionals, therapists and family members; anyone who is interested in learning about and adopting this program to improve the lives of those they know, love and serve.  Attendees will learn about and walk through a typical CET session: computer exercises; the social cognition talks; homework questions and cognitive exercises. A PowerPoint will describe the neuroscience research supporting CET and the social, vocational and educational effectiveness of CET.

Victor Lloyd Bio

Victor Lloyd is a full-time trainer and speaker for the Center for Cognition and Recovery (CCR) training mental health professionals in the theory and practice of Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) and conducting Special Populations Response Training (SPRT) on-line training classes. Audiences have included city public transportation officials, Law Enforcement Professionals, Duke University nursing students and many other community organizations. He also conducts monthly webinars about both SPRT and CET as well as speaking about these programs at state and national conferences across the country. He has spoken at state and national NAMI conferences including Texas, Nebraska, Indiana and the 2018 national conference in New Orleans.

His other professional experience has included Law Enforcement training specialist, mental health community educator and trainer, case management and drug counseling. Mr. Lloyd’s accomplishments include being named the first “Educator of the Year” in 2007 by the Hamilton County (Ohio) chapter of the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI).Mr. Lloyd holds a Master’s degree in Theology and a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling.