Friday – 9:00am    

“Moving Ahead in 2020”

Grace Hou,

Illinois Secretary of the Division of Human Services (IDHS) serves under Governor JB Pritzker. The mission of IDHS is strengthening Illinois by building up lives and communities which is achieved through an integrated network of mental health, substance use prevention and recovery, rehabilitation, developmental disabilities and family and community services.  IDHS operates seven psychiatric hospitals, seven developmental centers, one treatment and detention facility for sexually violent persons, 76 local offices and four schools.


Saturday – 9:30am.   

“Emerging Research and Best Practices”

Dr. Susan Azrin,

Program Chief, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)will be providing information about research on First Episode Psychosis interventions and health prevention techniques that help to lower the early mortality risk of persons with mental illness.  Research has shown that people with a chronic mental health diagnosis die on average 25 years earlier than the general population. Find out why and how we can help correct that. We will complement this by highlighting local agency programs that are putting that research into action!