Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255

Sessions: Presentations

Moving Ahead in 2020
Presented by:  Grace Hou, Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Housing for All Panel
Presented by:  Ali Johnson, LCSW, Todd Fuller, Liz Smith

Understanding the Crisis Intervention Team, (CIT) and How You Can Help It Succeed
Presented by:  Lt. Troy Siewert

Mental Health Movers and Shakers: The Latest from Springfield and How to Do Some Moving and Shaking Yourself
Presented by:  Rep. Deb Conroy, Sen. Laura Fine, Sen. Julie Morrison, Rep. Michelle Mussman

Moving from Coping Skill to Practice: Art Making to Facilitate DBT/CBT Behavioral Integration
Presented by:  Marni Rosen, Psy.D; Cara Wellvang, LPC; Amber Przybyla

Transition to College Age (18-25): Uncovering the Mystery, Busting the Myths
Presented by:  Nausheen Din, M.D.

Breaking News
Presented by:  Peter Contos & Douglas O’Brien

Living Well in Recovery: Panel
Presented by:  Jeremy Fine, Bill Hood, Antonita King

Trust-Based Planning for Disabled Persons—Keeping Assets under Management
Presented by:  Bruce Kiselstein, Licensed Attorney

Mental Health Care in Illinois Prisons—An Update: Some good news; a lot of bad news
Presented by:  Alan Mills, Licensed Attorney

Empowering Previously Homeless Individuals and Community Organizations through Participatory Community Assessment
Presented by:  Andrea LeFlore and Nina Robins

Keep on Growing: Resources to Help NAMI Illinoiss Thrive Panel
Presented by:  Various NAMI leaders

Improving Lives through Employment
Presented by:  Debbie Homan, Matthew Christensen, Barry Taylor, Attorney and Hannah Walsh, Attorney

Trauma and Self Care Presentation
Presented by:  Mary Gubbe Lee, MS, LSW, LCPC

Expanding Access to Preventative Services and Early Treatment: An Overview of the 2019 Children’s Mental Health Crisis Act
Presented by:  Heather O’Donnell and Amber Kirchoff

Emerging Research and Best Practices
Presented by:  Susan Azrin, Ph.D.

An Integrated Interprofessional Approach to Health Promotion
Presented by:  Alice Geis, DNP, APRN, PHHNP-BC and Jamie Rotter, MOT, OTR/L. QMHP

Community-based Mental Health Services for Children Panel
Presented by:  Robert Farley, Attorney; Carolyn Muehlbauer, LMSW; Andrea Durbin, AM

Workforce Shortage in Psychiatry and Possible Solutions Panel
Presented by:  Joshua Nathan, M.D., Justine Mitchell, Naveen Kathuria

First Episode Psychosis and Early Intervention in Action in Illinois Panel
Presented by:  Joseph Croegaert, LCSW; Marc Fagan, Ph.D.; Kaitlyn Whitebread, LCPC

Recreational Marijuana: Public Health and Psychiatric Implications
Presented by:  Joseph Troiani, Ph.D

Understanding Middle School Student Needs to Support School Success
Presented by:  Jennea Bivens, Psy. D. and Rachel Garthe, Ph.D.

Mental Health First Aid: Awareness, Advocacy, and Community Collaboration
Presented by:  Roger Callese, MBA and Scott Crawford

Designing and Refining the Emerge Model:  Discovery-Oriented Services for Transition Age Youth & Young Adults
Presented by:  Venessa Klodnick, Phd, LCSW, Thresholds & Marc A. Fagan, PsyD, Thresholds

Staying Engaged with Program Participants: NAMI Family Insight Evenings
Presented by:  Tracy Sherva, Jeanine Mackintosh, and Carrie McCune

Care in Crisis: Expert Tips for Surviving the ER
Presented by:  Alexandra Colaianni, MS, MSW, LCSW

One County, Many Agencies, Collaborating for Suicide Awareness and Prevention as a Commitment to Better Lives, because one Suicide Is Too Many
Presented by:  Lake County Suicide Prevention Task Force

Tangible Interventions for Treating Clients with Bipolar Disorder; (Effectively decrease mood swings and increase overall functioning for your clients)
Presented by:  Catherine Ness, MA, LCPC

Recovery International: Better Mental Health         
Presented by:  Rose Hamann, Paul Bowyer, Joann Zeller, Cathy Jezior

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