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Care in Crisis: Expert Tips for Surviving the ER

Presentation:  Care in Crisis:  Expert Tips for Serving the ER


“Care in Crisis: Expert Tips on Surviving the E. R.” is a presentation based on years of experience helping countless individuals navigate the mental health system in Illinois. Unfortunately, the emergency room is often the front door to mental healthcare and is typically unprepared to care for a psychiatric crisis.

The U.S. mental health system is changing slowly, but what can we do until the issues are fixed? How can we make the emergency room experience better now?

I have developed 5 expert, evidence-based tips to help survive psychiatric emergency room visits. Join me as we explore how patients, families, hospital professionals, outpatient providers, and government officials can collaborate TODAY to improve care during a psychiatric crisis.

Alexandra Colaianni’s Bio:

Alexandra Colaianni, MS, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker who earned her Masters of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago. She completed fieldwork at Rush University Medical Center and CJE Senior Life. Alexandra spent the last decade as an emergency room social worker helping individuals and families navigate through a variety of situations including crisis, psychiatric disorders, trauma, substance abuse, and medical conditions.

As a mental health provider, Alexandra strives to be multi-versatile to meet clients where they are mentally, physically, and spiritually. She may incorporate different aspects of mindfulness, holistic wellness, and motivational interviewing in her practice. Alexandra also writes and presents on topics related to mental health. You can follow her on social media @thefunctionalhorizon. In her free time- she enjoys traveling, cooking, being outdoors, and spending quality time with her growing family. Alexandra strives to learn something new every day while she continues her own path of self-improvement and adventure.

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