Recreational Marijuana: Public Health and Psychiatric Implications

Presentation:  Recreational Marijuana


With the recent passage of legislation by the State of Illinois the drug of marijuana will now be available to adults for its recreational use. This will make Illinois the 11th state to legalize its use as a recreational drug. There are those proponents who have aggressively advocated for legalization and those who are concerned about the consequences. On the political spectrum, the issue of legalization for recreational use is divisive. Looking at those concerns expressed, this presentation will review and synopsize the public health and public safety impact of marijuana in those ten states that have legalized the drug. There is also a growing body of psychiatric and psychological research literature that discusses the bio-psycho-social consequences to the use of high grade grown marijuana which will be included in the presentation.

Dr. Troiani’s Bio:

Dr. Troiani is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology and the Founding Director of Military Psychology @ Adler University. Prior to his development of the Military Psychology Programs he was the Coordinator of the Substance Abuse Certificate Program. Other experiences include the Directorship of the Will County Health Department’s Behavioral Health Programs, Administrator/CEO of psychiatric hospitals, and management of inpatient behavioral health units. He is currently the Vice President of the Mental Health Association of Illinois.