Science Improves Care for Early Serious Mental Illness

Presentation:  Emerging Research and Best Practices


Dr. Azrin will summarize a decade of progress on care for early psychosis, highlighting the data supporting Coordinated Specialty Care as an effective person-centered treatment and the expansion of this evidence-based practice into community treatment settings. She’ll also discuss NIMH’s newly launched Early Psychosis Intervention Network and its partnerships among young people, family members, clinicians and scientists, all with the shared goal of continuously improving care in early psychosis.

Susan T. Azrin Bio:

Susan T. Azrin, Ph.D., leads the Early Psychosis Prediction and Prevention (EP3) research unit at the National Institute of Mental Health. She served as Government Project Officer for the NIMH’s Recovery After Initial Schizophrenia Episode-Early Treatment Program (RAISE-ETP) study, for which she received the NIH Director’s Award for Outstanding Service. Dr. Azrin also leads the NIMH initiative on improving health and reducing premature mortality in people with severe mental illness, for which she received the NIMH Award for Significant Achievement in 2013. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maryland-College Park.