Target Deadlines for Re-affiliation

We wanted to share some new targets NAMI has announced regarding re-affiliation and provide the support needed to reach these targets.

NAMI set December 2018 as the end date for re-affiliation.  The consequence of an inability to meet this deadline is removal of the affiliate from the NAMI database until such time as re-affiliation as either a Model A or Model B affiliate is achieved.  The 2017 NAMI goal is to have every state endorse at least 50% of their affiliates for re-affiliation.

As of this date the only affiliate in Illinois to be re-affiliated is NAMI Cook County Northern Suburban. NAMI Tri-County Illinois has been endorsed by NAMI Illinois and is under the final approval process by NAMI and the NAMI Board of Directors.

If you are planning to be re-affiliated as a Model A (fully independent), you will need to have your bylaws reviewed for approval (if that has not already been accomplished).  Please send us a copy of your current bylaws, and a copy of the legal review letter showing approval.  If the by-laws have not undergone a legal review, we will have that done by a law firm who has performed that review on behalf of NAMI Illinois in the past.  In the past, having bylaws that pass NAMI’s review has been a more difficult part of the approval process so a head start is strongly recommended.

All affiliates seeking re-affiliation need to be trained in the Profile Center.  It is recommended that at least two people are trained so there is back up.  Thank you to all those who have gone through the training.  The Profile Center is an electronic database where all required documentation for re-affiliation is uploaded and stored.  If your affiliate has not yet been trained, please contact Mary, Sue or Holly to set up a training date as soon as possible.

We encourage your frequent communication with us.  The Profile Center is fairly intuitive but we expect you to have questions as you begin to more fully understand the re-affiliation process and begin to upload documents.

On that note, we strongly recommend that those who have been trained in the Profile Center upload documents as soon as possible.  The sooner documents are uploaded, the sooner NAMI Illinois can review them and move things on to endorsement and then final approval from NAMI National.

Please share with us your feedback as to how we can help you to get started or continue with the re-affiliation process and stay on task.  We are open to one on one phone communication, regular conference calls where you can exchange ideas and ask questions, and/or any other suggestions you have.

Again- the 2017 NAMI goal is to have every state endorse for re-affiliation at least 50% of their affiliates—we have a long way to go, but with your cooperation we can meet that goal!  Let us hear from each of you soon!  Thank you very much!