Resources for Law Enforcement Officers

NAMI Illinois, the state office of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, would like to offer tips that may help everyone stay safe.

Please click the links below to print cards for officers to help them effectively deal with individuals in crisis. We want everyone to be safe during this stressful time.





1.                  Remember that a person with a mental illness is a person first. They are sick and in need of treatment.

2.                  Remain calm and helpful.

3.                  Assess the situation for safety.

4.                  Respond to the individuals basic needs.

5.                  Maintain space between you. Do not touch the individual unless necessary. For persons with mental illness this may frighten them                          and lead to violence.

6.                  Give simple, clear directions. If you are working as a team, one person should talk to avoid confusion.

7.                  If someone is experiencing delusions or hallucinations, respond to the individual’s feelings, rather than content of their                                              conversation.

8.                  Do not arrest a person for illness-related behavior that is not criminal in nature.

One in four adults experience a mental health disorder in a given year. One in 17 lives with a serious mental illness. They are common, treatable illnesses. Please help and support these folks. With treatment and support, recovery is not only possible, but probable.


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